SyncBox | up to 4 devices


Prices are ex-warehouse. Shipping can be arranged by MindRove.

The first batch will be shipped at the end of April 2024.

The second batch will be shipped at the end of May 2024.


SyncBox |connect, synchronize, and innovate with MindRove


Synchronize up to 4 MindRove devices.

Combine any MindRove devices as you like, whether EEG, EMG, or a combination of both.

The synchronization box is connected to the computer via USB.

You can access the synchronized raw data from the SyncBox via the MindRove SDK.

The SyncBox emits a system-defined trigger signal to all connected devices every 5 seconds. Additionally, users can send user-defined trigger signals to either all connected devices or a specific device.

Compatible with Windows (Linux and MacOS support coming soon).