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Make a  $199 DEPOSIT now to reserve a spot in the Early Bird queue for the MindRove Brain-computer Interface System and the option to be a co-author in the scientific manuscript presenting the capabilities of the novel device. You will have the option to buy the MindRove Brain-computer Interface System for an additional $299  once the units are ready to ship. Prices are on ex  warehouse. Shipping can be managed by MindRove.

Preparation time for new orders: 4-8 weeks.

The publication is expected to be submitted in December 2019.

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EEG sensors

EEG signal


Software kit

6 channel: Above motor cortex RAW EEG: Abvailable Input impedance: 500 MΩ Supported platforms:
Reference: One electrode is a Sampling rate: 500 SPS Input noise: 1 μV Windows, Linux
reference; behind the right ear Amplification: 24 Input range: ±100 mV User Interface: Live
DRL: One elestrode is a DRL; Resolution: 24 bit CMMR: ›110 dB visualization, data export, data
behind the left ear Bandwith: 0-250Hz Notchfilter


recording features settings
Changable: Easy change 50 Hz (EU) or 60 Hz (USA)


Third parties real-time I/O:
(further) electrodes


EEG streaming LabStreamingLayer – LSL
Material: Woven conductive Rechargable: Charge with Impedance measurement compatibility (Matlab, Python,
fabric, few drops saline needed micro USB cable


BCI2000, OpenVibe, euroPype)


Operational time: ∼3 hours  Weight: ∼120 g Battery: Internal LiPo 640mAh
Wireless: WiFi direct