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Real-time mask detector

MaskInspector with its built-in camera captures its surroundings and automatically detects faces and masks. 

Artificial Intelligence

The high-precision face and mask detecting system is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Automatic notification

To ensure maximal safety, MaskInspector automatically notifies its surrounding, if persons without a mask were detected. This is done by its built-in speaker.

Wifi connection

For maximal convenience, MaskInspector can be reached through the Wifi network, allowing fast and secure download of the meta-data collected by the device.

No compromise in privacy

We do not store any image or any other data on based people could be identified. With real-time processing, we ensure that right after the evaluation of each video frame, the already analyzed images are deleted from memory. 

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The development of MaskInspector was funded by the Natonal Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary (grant no. 2020-2.1.1-ED-2020-00046).