mindrove flow

teach your Brain to become focused, calm and effective

Mindrove Flow system is a device and a platform to track, analyse and improve your focus with the power of EEG technology. Avoid burnout & slack. 


The strip or the arc EEG wearable measures your brain activity.

Chose strip if you are using headphones

with strip you can transform your favourite headphones to brain-sensing device

Chose arc if you are using earphones

with arc, which is a standalone brain-sensing device you can use your AirPods or earphones


The PC app tracks and analyses your focus, calm and mental fatigue level.

neurotech for work, study & fun

A study by Microsoft proves that your brain needs brakes. The MindRove flowork tracks your brain signals and matches them to time points, or even automated computer screenshots (optional) throughout the day. This lets you visualize how each task affected your key mental parameters such as the level of focus and fatigue. Easy to use dry EEG electrodes measure neural activity. Why is this awesome? Let’s look at the alpha wave (8–12 Hz) for instance, which is associated with the “idleness” of our brain [1]. It is one of the easiest neural markers to measure and it shows good correlation with mental stress [2]. By observing such markers, you will be able to get high-quality feedback on the changes in your mental states. This is only basic neuroscience, but our state-of-the-art software with an integrated AI can harvest much more valuable information out of the signals. The application leaves every data (brain signals and screenshots) on your computer, encrypted, it does not share anything with the outside world. Privacy is our topmost priority.

[1] Read the study.

[2] Read the study.


Create your own business apps & experiments.

for developeres, academics & hackers

Mindrove flowear is a powerful, compact EEG system which makes it easy to access and use brainwave and IMU (gyroscope, accelerometer) data, inside and outside the laboratory and in real-world environments. The MindRove SDK has Brainflow as it’s base framework.