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ONLINE BCI competition

Control a special game with the power of your brain (mental commands) only. 

Prize pool: 1000 $ (USD)

Ticket cost: 39 – 79 $ (USD). Tickets are not yet available. Please fill the “I’m interested…” form to the right to receive updates.

Maximum number of participants: 128

Age limit for paricipants: 12 years and above

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    The Competition

    group stage 1. 

     128 players

    group stage 2. 

     64 players

    play-off: the best 32 players

    The game

    The controller


    maze exploration


    Controlling a computer with pure mental commands is anything but easy. But this is what makes this game exciting. First, the players have to use neuro-headsets (e.g. OpenBCI or MindRove) to train a machine learning algorithm for recognizing various mental commands. Muscle movement generated signals (so-called artefacts) will “overload” the communication and rendered useless. A controller with accuracy feedback will be available, displaying how close your last mental command was to the desired command. Players will compete and interact with each other in a maze, strategic thinking and the ability to focus in order to be able to issue the right commands will be key factors for winning.

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