EEG & EMG-based

biosensing devices & brain-computer interfaces

EEG & EMG-based

biosensing devices & brain-computer interfaces

MindRove devices

minimal set up time | portability | semi-dry electrodes

raw EEG | WiFi direct connection | free GUI & SDK


6+2 channel wireless easy-to-use EEG headset with really fast set up time and semi-dry conductive fabric electrodes.


8+2 channel EMG armband for developing gesture- and motion-based controller for a  wide range of applications.


4+2 channel wireless easy-to-use headphone accessory to transform any headphone into a EEG-based brain-sensing device.


standalone eeg headset with 1 minute set up time


With arc you can register research-grade EEG signals and make brain-computer interface applications.


emg-based armband for detecting muscle movements


With armband and the free SDK you can develop EMG and motion-based gesture controller.


transform any headphone into a brain sensing device


With strip you can transform your favourite headphones into an EEG-based brain-sensing device.

Visualizer on Desktop & SDK


MindRove products are powerful, compact EEG and EMG systems which makes it easy to access and use brainwave, muscle and IMU (gyroscope, accelerometer) data, inside and outside the laboratory and in real-world environments.  Visualizer on Desktop is a standalone application which helps you to visualize and save the raw EEG stream. MindRove SDK is based on the BrainFlow framework.



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